The scope of activities our company provides is full-scale organization of national and international professional exhibitions, conferences, symposiums, company displays, factory inauguration ceremonies, workshops and various professional events.

Full-scale Service

Our Company offers a wide variety of services, such as organising national and international Conferences, Professional Exhibitions, Symposiums or Company Introductions.

We carry out all the essential tasks in compliance with the wishes and desires of our clients.

Such services include:

  •     Reservation of venue
  •     Sending out circulars and collecting information material
  •     Ordering printed and graphic work
  •     Direct-mailing
  •     Providing technical equipment
  •     Constructing exhibition stands, stages, etc.
  •     Providing meals and snacks
  •     Processing applications
  •     Maintaining electronic database
  •     All financial related paperwork
  •     Individual finance options
  •     On-site registration and supervision
  •     Providing hostesses and interpreters
  •     Further services required by the customer

as well as arranging supplementary tasks accompanying the event, such as:

  •     Reserving accommodation
  •     Organising cultural programs
  •     Organising study-tours
  •     Organising programs prior to and after the conference
  •     Providing travel guides
  •     Ordering local ground transportation
  •     Arranging airport transfer
  •     Arranging escort services and spousal programs

Anything else depends on the client's expectations.